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Being A Healthier Writer – The Self-Publishing Podcast

Being a writer can be pretty unhealthy, especially since you sit on your butt all day, moving little else than your brain and fingers.

I made a guest appearance on Episode 122 of the Self-Publishing Podcast, with Sean, Johnny, and Dave.

If you watch the video you can see how much fun we had.

AND, you’ll get to see me wearing my son’s giant headphones, which look amazing circling my baldness.


Topics Discussed

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Simple stretches you can do
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • The importance of moving more often, not more
  • Standing desks and treadmill desks

As they said:

“You might be surprised by some of the stuff Roland shared. But if you want to keep creating your art for years to come, being healthy and working healthy are things you’ll want to look into.”


Click here or on the image below to jump to the episodeRoland Denzel on the Self-Publishing Podcast talking author health and productivity

Roland Denzel

Roland has been helping authors just like himself be more productive and write more books, all while staying healthy, happy, and sane since 2015.

Read his story right here, and if you want to send him a message, visit Roland's contact page here.

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