Budget Ergonomic Tools for Authors

My Budget Sit/Stand Desk

Many authors are on a budget OR already have a desk they love, so a riser and a few components are a great start.

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Standing Desk Riser

This setup allows you to use the desk you have and make it a sit/stand desk with the least cost.

I have this one, but in white. They come in several sizes and colors.

Raise the screen to eye level

These options bring the screen up to eye level so you don’t get tech neck!

If you’re using an external monitor, then those typically go up and down on their own, so you might not need a stand. Personally, I like the swing arm for its easy adjustability.

Swing Arm for monitor or laptop (requires laptop holder, below if using with a laptop)

Laptop Holder (attaches to swing arm, above)

Nexstand Laptop Stand

This is a good choice if you move your laptop around the house or write on the road a lot.

Keyboard and Mouse

If you have a desktop computer or USB keyboard and mouse, you don’t need Bluetooth. If you use a laptop and want to move around a lot without disconnecting cables, then Bluetooth is a good addition.

Bluetooth Keyboard

This is the one I use. It switches between my phone, tablet, and computer by pressing the three yellow buttons at the top.

Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse is smooth and quiet, but any bluetooth mouse will do.

Adjustable Stool

Wobble Stool. They call it an ‘active learning stool,’ but either way, it keeps you moving and less sedentary.


This is my basic setup, but I’ll be updating things for authors with different needs!

Talk soon,


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