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Finding Writing Time When There’s None Left

Roland writing his first book in Starbucks

Do you feel like you need more time to write your book? Solidarity.

Many authors feel the same way.

We’re all different, though, so for me to tell you ‘we all have the same 168 hours’ would be annoying, presumptuous, and even insulting.

There are books and courses out there telling you to suck it up, showing you how they did it, or saying ‘I guess you just don’t want it bad enough.’

F ’em.

Those books are rarely written by people who…

  • Are busy parents
  • Work full time or even two jobs
  • Go to school
  • Take care of the house
  • Do most of the cooking

Trust me, there are successful authors who are all those things and more.

And yes, they write books, just not the books that tell you how to suck it up.

If you can’t make more writing time, make the most of the writing time you have

I write and talk a lot about how to maximize what writing time you have, whether it’s a little or a lot, so I’m thrilled to be a presenter at a new workshop, where I’ll be teaching that and more!

Whether you have an hour a day, a few breaks in your work schedule, or a few hours free on Saturday mornings to write, you can write your book.

I’m not going to tell you to spend more ‘butt in chair’ time or to stop spending time doing fun things with your family and friends.

I am going to show you how you can get the most of ANY time you have to write.

Write Your First (or Next!) Book 2.0 Masterclass

I was recently a guest presenter at Traci Skuce’s Write Your First (or Next!) Book 2.0 Masterclass, and she’s given me permission to let you have the replay of my talk.

The replay is part of one of her paid programs, so I feel honored that she’s allowing me to share it with you for free.

Traci and I talked a lot about strategies for finding time and making it stick, so you can finish your book.

You can sign up to watch the replay below. I’ll also send you the printable I gave to her students as a bonus!

Finding Writing Time When There’s None Left

I know you’ll find the talk helpful, and I’d love to hear back after you’ve watched it.

And don’t forget to download the free printable, 5-Steps to Finding Your Writing Time, too. It’s in the email!

Talk soon,


Roland Denzel

Roland has been helping authors just like himself be more productive and write more books, all while staying healthy, happy, and sane since 2015.

Read his story right here, and if you want to send him a message, visit Roland's contact page here.

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