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I’m gathering free resources from around the internet for my writer, author, editor friends in these times of need.

If you know of any great, free tools, trainings, or resources the author community can use right now, please let me know.

I’m not sure how long these will stay free, so let me know if something is incorrect.


Stress Relief, Self-Care, and Mindfulness

Free Resources for self-care, restorative movement, and stress relief

Spoiler alert, this one is by my wife, Galina, and hosted on our EatMoveLive52 Health and Wellness site.

These programs apply to authors, but are not specific to authors.

With all the calls and posts to use this ‘free time’ to write or create art or be more productive, it’s important to remember that you HAVE to take care of yourself first.

You might know that I’m a health coach and nutritionist, but my wife and I work and write together. Galina is a trauma specialist, movement therapist, and author, and she’s put all of her [now] free resources in one place.

Free Resources for self-care, restorative movement, and stress relief

Movement and mindfulness programs like Unstress Your Body, 5 Days to More Peace, and several of her talks and mindfulness practices all there, and free in the link below.

See all resources here


Platform, SEO, Blogging, Email

All-around SEO – Yoast

Non-fiction authors can benefit most from mastering SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. If you want your blog posts to be found online, take this course.

In this course, you’ll learn practical SEO skills on every key aspect of SEO, to make your site stand out.


Introduction to SEO, Keyword research, SEO Copywriting, Site structure, Technical SEO, Off-page SEO, UX and conversion, Optimizing your images

Yoast has a great free WordPress plugin, and wonderful training.

Get Yoast’s Free SEO Course


Free Course Libraries

Too many to list individually, these sites have courses for just about everything

Reedsy’s 50+ Free Online Writing Courses for Future Bestselling Authors

Explore our free courses

  • Select a topic
  • Browse our lessons
  • Enroll in a free course

Stop by Reedsy to check out the free classes and sign up.

Sign up at


Bublish’s 2020 Publish From Home (PFH) Training

Classes so far, include

  • 5 Steps to Successful Publishing
  • Book Marketing: 5 Foundations & 5 Strategies
  • How to Build a Powerhouse Author Brand

Stop by Bublish to take your free classes or sign up for live workshops being added.

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Know a free class, course, or program that I should include?

Let me know!



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