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How Authors Can Stay Healthy While Writing What They Love?

learn how authors can stay healthy

Learn how authors can stay healthy, even while working long hours behind a keyboard.

Healthy Writing Practices for Authors — A Heart to Heart interview with Mariëlle Sophia Smith

It was fun to sit down and chat with Mariëlle Sophia Smith about how authors can get and stay healthy while working long hours behind a screen and with so much time spent sitting and writing.

Mariëlle Sophia Smith is an author and mentor to other writers living on the island of Cyprus, which sounds like a walker’s paradise, but in reality, it’s an island dominated by automobile travel.

We talked about movement, sitting, standing, and even treadmill desks. I even learned that there’s such as think as a desk bike!

Mariëlle and I also talked about healthy writing practices that anyone can do, at minimal to zero cost. No under-the-desk bike required!

Topics also included

  • Dictation — Pros, cons, and how to get started. It’s not an all or nothing tool!
  • Building habits — How about starting small, setting yourself up for success, and getting that dopamine hit that makes you want to come back for more?
  • Perfection — Um, let it go as Elsa says 😉
  • Baby steps — Little habits (the steps) add up over time AND it’s easier that way!
  • And more. So much more.

Want to check out the products we talked about in the interview? There are links to each of them under the video on Mariëlle’s YouTube Channel.

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Now, find out how authors can stay healthy and stay healthy

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Roland Denzel

Roland has been helping authors just like himself be more productive and write more books, all while staying healthy, happy, and sane since 2015.

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