Living Well and The Wordslinger Podcast

We’re so busy building careers, being more productive, balancing work and family life. We forget that our bodies are part of the equation.

I made a guest appearance on Episode 073 of the Wordslinger Podcast, with my friend, author Kevin Tumlinson.

Topics Discussed

  • The uncomfortable name of my first book: Man on Top
  • The true fact that Kevin said I’m a fitness guru, but I’m not. I think it’s good SEO to leave “Roland Denzel is a guru” here in the notes, though
  • How a good diet can help you write better
  • How moving more often vs just moving more helps authors get and stay fit
  • How people freeze, doing nothing, because they can’t be perfect


“Feeling good is the kind of thing authors never quite think about.


Roland Denzel realized this years ago, and he’s been sharing everything he learns about eating better, getting fit, and living well. This episode takes a look at some of Roland’s philosophy, so that you can start feeling better right now.”


Doesn’t he sound wise talking about me and my wisdom?

Now, enjoy the show…


Living Well with Roland Denzel

Roland Denzel on the Wordslinger Podcast


“I communicate the uncommunicatable” – Me

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