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The secret to selling books in every email without being salesy

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You want readers to buy your books, but selling books in every email feels pushy, and you don’t want to come across as a salesperson!

If you’ve been considering sending emails more often, you’re probably worried that you’re going to get a lot of unsubscribes for being too salesy, especially if you’re selling books in every email.

And if you don’t even try selling books in every email, does that mean sending more often is just a huge waste of time?

You don’t want to send emails just to send emails, after all.

The secret is just two steps long, and very simple.

Selling books in every email is simple when you make each email valuable to your reader

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That’s easy if you have a new book coming out, but other types of value are other things your ideal reader would love, like other books in your genre.

That’s a newsletter swap, btw. You share their book with your list and they share yours with theirs. Cross-pollination helps both authors.

Non-fiction authors have it easy, here. Your readers are on your list to learn, so teach them things related to your books.

Get creative. As long as your ideal reader loves it, you’re on the right track.

Let’s say your email is about the importance of taking fish oil to keep your mind sharp and creative, and to keep the brain fog at bay.

Go ahead and write about that, give them lots of value, and don’t ask anything big of them.

Sign off with a thank you for reading, and leave them feeling happy with you.

And then comes the Super Signature

A Super Signature is a low-key offer to help them, when they’re ready, followed by a couple of ways to get it.

The Super Signature is not my idea, although I have been putting links in my signatures for over fifteen years.

But links aren’t enough.

The difference between a regular signature and a Super Signature is that the Super version offers your reader 2-4 things of value, both to them and to you, even if you didn’t try to sell them anything in your email at all.

Here’s the template.

When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you

  1. Read this blog post.
  2. Follow me on social media right here.
  3. Buy this book.

In a real Super Signature, those would be links, of course.

Selling books in every email, without being pushy

Selling books in every email, without feeling like a salesperson.
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You can keep it simple with just two ways to help them or go up to four, which should be the maximum number.

For most authors, two or three items are ideal unless you have a lot of things going, like courses, blog posts, or coaching.

The Super Signature is a great way to engage more with your subscribers, build a relationship, and sell more, all without being pushy.

The Super Signature is not just for your email list

You can use your Super Signature in a variety of ways.

  • When you send a personal or business email
  • At the bottom of your blog posts
  • On your 404 page

Of course, you should offer different things depending on where you use it.

For instance, on blog posts, a 404 page, and in your personal emails, offer at least one thing that would get them on your email list.

For your email list, there’s obviously no need for that, because they’re already on your list!

Adding a Super Signature will have you selling books in every email!

Since I’ve added them to my email lists, I get more engagement, more clicks, and more sales.

If you’re not already on my email list, sign up here, and see my Super Signature in action.

And if you are on my list, maybe that’s what brought you to this blog post in the first place! 😁

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