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When you’re ready to put your story into the world

I’m putting together a new program for 2022 and I need your help.

My new program will give you everything you need to know to take your book idea to a finished, published, and launched book.

If you think about that for a second, you can imagine all the steps between ‘idea’ and ‘published.’

The author business can feel like a lot, I know

An author friend suggested calling it a Masterclass, but that conjures more images of pre-recorded lessons from the 30,000-foot level than giving actionable advice.

No. This program will be live teaching, tailored to your unique author journey. I’m going to show you everything YOU need to put your book out into the world.

  • From carving out the time to write, plus strategies to protect it.
  • All the steps you need to write, edit, design, and publish the book.
  • AND launch it into the world with a great cover, good reviews, and an engaged reader team that’s ready and waiting to help your book succeed!

The best way to learn (and to teach)

As you probably know, I’ve been teaching students in weight loss, nutrition, and ergonomics for years.

I’ve found that the best and most fun way, for you and for me, is to teach in small groups.

But, since everyone has different needs and goals, I also meet with my students, one on one.

It’s the best of both worlds.

All the camaraderie, fun, and support of a group, with the personal touch and support that you can only get with one-on-one help.

Unlike traditional coaching, which can go on forever, I want you to graduate

My goal is to give you the knowledge, skills, and materials you need to write, publish, and launch your book!

And your next, and your next, and your next!

This will be about 90 days of coaching, with ongoing access to the curriculum after that, and this first group gets it for just $499.

Better yet, by being in the first group, you’ll be helping to set the stage for the entire program.

That means more personal help and support from me if you’re willing to give me feedback, suggestions, and ask lots of questions.

When you’re ready to put your story out into the world, I’ll save you a spot

I keep my groups small, which is good news, as you’ll always get the help and attention you need.

The bad news, if any, is I only have room for a few authors.

Let me know if I should hold a spot for you.

Jump on the list to be notified, here.

If you have questions about the program or want me to include something YOU need, there are three ways to share.

  1. The best way is by joining the interest list and replying to the email I send you.
  2. Let me know in the comments below.
  3. Just send me an email at roland@indestructibleauthor

Talk soon,


PS. There’s no commitment, but you’ll be the first to know.

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Roland Denzel

Roland has been helping authors just like himself be more productive and write more books, all while staying healthy, happy, and sane since 2015.

Read his story right here, and if you want to send him a message, visit Roland's contact page here.

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