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10 things you can write about in your author email

I know, it’s more than 10 already. I started with 10, but I kept talking to authors and the list grew.

By the way, this list is primarily for novelists, as non-fiction authors have a lot more they can write about.

Tip #1 – Keep it short. It takes an average reader 3 minutes to read just 400 words.

Tip #2 – Give more than you ask for, especially when you only have a few books to sell.

10+ things you can put in your author emails

  1. five books ‘like yours’ (by keeping it short, you can refresh your list periodically)
  2. a favorite book your readers would love that you just read
  3. your book updates (in the ps if you’re a slow-ish writer)
  4. a funny story that’s genre related
  5. news about a fellow genre author
  6. when and where you’ll be speaking/zooming
  7. poll your readers
  8. ask for help. “Do you know a mortician you can introduce me to?”
  9. cover poll – “Which of these two do you like best?”
  10. cover reveal
  11. free short story or flash fiction piece (must be related to your book or series)
  12. free chapter of your future book
  13. deleted scene / director’s cut scene (only if your books are popular already, and it must NOT change the story)
  14. links to articles your readers would find interesting – Thanks, Gladys!

Do you have a new one or want to comment on this list?

Use my contact form or reply to any email I send you.

Your idea might make the blog post, and someday, the book!

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