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My Recommended Tools and Resources for Authors

I’ve been writing and publishing since 2011, and I’ve used a lot of tools along the way!

These are tools and resources that I’ve used, own, like, or love.

Some of these are affiliate or referral links, which never cost you more, but do help support this site.

Marketing and Research

Software, books, and services to help you sell more books (or write a book that sells)

K-Lytics Genre Reports – Every K-Lytics Genre Report is in-depth, with custom reports and a detailed video lesson and lecture from Alex Newton, the founder of K-Lytics.

Publisher Rocker (formerly KDP Rocket) – With a few clicks Publisher Rocket will help you learn what’s selling and what’s not, plus help you sell more books once you’re ready to publish.

Ergonomic and Office Tools

Desks, keyboards, chairs, and all that stuff.

Budget Ergonomic Tools for Authors – This article specifically addresses these things, so I won’t list them all here.

More to come, so keep checking back and refresh often!

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